Guiding an organization’s high-growth business strategy requires more than just knowledge of the financials. Having experience across all corporate functions, as well as a big-picture view of everything from operations to marketing, is essential — and it’s how Anthony has transformed companies across the U.S. 

• At Old Country Buffet, he transformed the culture and leadership team of a six-brand, 340-unit, 18,000-employee restaurant company, launched a powerful marketing campaign, deployed new décor and menu options nationwide, and drove sustained growth to $1 billion in sales.
• At Boston Market, he rapidly grew the franchise from scratch. In less than four years, he raised $70 million in funding, built a world-class leadership team and grew the business to $250 million in sales with 150 stores and 7,000 employees across seven states.
• At Einstein Bros. Bagels, he re-invented the largest bagel business in the U.S. leading to its successful sale in 2004. This work involved consolidating six diverse brands into a single dynamic brand, restructuring the leadership team, negotiating $160 million in financing, capturing $15 million in efficiencies and growing the business to 10,000 employees across 1,000 stores and $750 million in annual sales.

A growth strategist at heart, Anthony today partners with boards of directors during periods of rapid change to identify goals, opportunities and strategies for high-growth transformation.

From targeting new markets and rethinking product lines to improving customer experience and streamlining enterprise-wide efficiencies, Anthony collaborates with leadership teams on plans that will reinvigorate brands and accelerate revenue and market share.

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