Leadership is a marathon, not a sprint.

Anthony Wedo


A Leader takes responsibility for his/her actions as well as the actions of those they lead.

Anthony Wedo


The needs of the organization and those being led far outweigh the needs of the Leader.

Anthony Wedo


Self importance is the enemy of Leadership.

Anthony Wedo


A Leader must have an overwhelming passion to serve. To work is a privilege and to serve others is an honor!

Anthony Wedo


A Leader frequently gives credit and thanks to many people.

Anthony Wedo


A Leader is nimble, flexible and has a desire to do whatever it takes.

Anthony Wedo


A Leader always does "the right thing" but may not always do things right.

Anthony Wedo


A Leader is never entitled.

Anthony Wedo


Leadership is that magical blend of the head and the heart... no one cares how much you know until they know how much you care!

Anthony Wedo


Honesty, not political correctness, is the hallmark of a Leader.

Anthony Wedo


Without Courage, there can be no Leadership.

Anthony Wedo

Mr. Wedo teaches approximately 2,500 to 3,000 undergraduate and graduate students each year as an adjunct professor at some of the most respected business and hospitality universities in the country. His business principles and life lessons are the cornerstone of his curriculum. On "Rate My Professor", Mr. Wedo's students consistently rank his as one of the top professors and lecturers in business programs.

Mr. Wedo has appeared on two of most heavily watched Undercover Boss segments and the shows continue to be rebroadcast to this day. Mr. Wedo's individual show was nominated for an Emmy. In addition to these appearances, Mr. Wedo is working with one of the top reality tv production companies for the development of a entrepreneur-based show for national broadcast.

Past events:

  • JSSI, Chicago, IL - Keynote address at their Annual Conference
  • NatuaLawn, Inc - Keynote address at their Annual Franchisee meeting
  • Mechanical Contractors Association of Maryland - Keynote address at their annual meeting
  • University of Delaware, Horn Entrepreneurship Board of Directors - Keynote address at their annual meeting
  • University of Delaware, Paul Weiss speaker series
  • Delaware Economic Council
  • Leadership Delaware
  • Cornell University, Johnson Graduate School of Business
  • University of Virginia, Center for Leadership
  • University of Delaware, Horn Center for Entrepreneurship
  • Eastern States Economic Council
  • Delaware Republican Party
  • The Jefferson Awards Ceremony
  • Eastern States Economic Council
  • M&T Bank Regional Bankers Conference
  • Professor, University of Delaware, Alfred Learner College of Business
  • The Milken Institute
  • The Tatnall School
  • Various Radio Interviews
  • Penn State University, HRIM program

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