Some testimonials from people at speaking arrangements.

I really, REALLY liked this speaker. I thought he had some tremendously good things to say and truly hope that everyone was listening close. I appreciated that his general message was about leadership, but really a lot of his key points boiled down to being a good person and the best version of yourself you can.

Fast-track development attendee

I thought he set the tone for the rest of the week, he was very informative and entertaining at the same time. I would want to hear him speak again.

JSSI attendee

Love his perspective on how a company needs to treat his must valuable asset, its employees.

JSSI attendee

I found a great deal of value in Mr. Wedo's presentation. I wish that we would have the opportunity to work with him for a few days. I hope this will be considered in the near future.

JSSI attendee

Mr. Wedo was inspirational and really resonated the concept of leadership versus management. Coming from senior level management in the Corps, this really hit home with me as I have seen leadership at its finest and then I have seen it at its weakest. Well done on the Guest Speaker and the message was well received.

Private client workshop attendee

Eloquent speech, sometimes a bit to much but overall captivating and touching the main points of what a leader should be.

JSSI attendee

Excellent coaching for accountability and structure in business.

JSSI attendee

Excellent content. I was very intrigued by many of Mr. Wedo's topics and viewpoints.

JSSI attendee

He was an interesting speaker. I liked most of what he had to say. I really enjoyed the breakout part where the 12 tables had to come up with examples.

Fast-track development attendee

Mr. Wedo, Thank you for your participation on the Leadership Delaware session last week. I very much enjoyed the case study discussion and your input on leadership. I would like to acknowledge the effective way you used to convey your message. Certainly, you gave me a lot to think about.

Thanks again for your time, perspective, and all your energy.

Nara Gonzalez , Leadership Delaware

Every story of success that can inspire other people to reach his/her potential is important. Also, to promote a cooperative corporate environment it's a tool to higher levels of excellence.

JSSI attendee

Mr. Wedo, Thank you for sharing with the 2015 Leadership Delaware class. Your authentic thoughts about leaders and the qualities that make a great leader was very direct & refreshing. It is obvious that you have a passion for life & shaping individuals for future success.

Megan Neal , Leadership Delaware

Anthony was not what I expected. I was pleasantly surprised and really enjoyed his message.

JSSI attendee

I thought his presentation was great. It related well to my every day business and I am sure it was pretty applicable to the whole organization. He did a great job bringing in his personal background into the scenario.

JSSI attendee

Mr. Wedo, Thank you so much for takin the time to speak with my Leadership Delaware fellows and I. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I enjoyed our presentation (especially the sports references). I took away a lot from your time and I will definitely be posting your Commandments of Leadership, right net to my computer.

David G. , Leadership Delaware

Everyone is still raving about your presentation today. They absolutely loved it and the messaging was perfect. Many also shared with me that the note regarding your father brought tears to their eyes.

Please do keep us posted on the book!

We appreciate you making the trip to Colorado. Thank you again for everything.

Joy Nebel , JSSI, Colorado

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